Welcome to Ecclesiae Latina, a website dedicated to encouraging people to study and appreciate Ecclesiastical Latin, the living language of the Roman Catholic Church. The site aims to reach broadly across the web, posting materials and news to help inform people interested in the Latin the Church has used to communicate for nearly two millenia.  In researching Ecclesiastical Latin we saw many sites for localized groups, and many sites selling products, many sites already filled with Latin, but few sites with pointers, support, community-building, and discussion for people just starting on this endeavor.

We are not experts on Latin, though we hope to attract some to our forums.  We are not selling anything. There are many sites for both of these tasks.’s purpose is to celebrate and encourage the use of Ecclesiastical Latin in the modern age. We aim to post, and encourage you to post what works and what doesn’t, to build a community and help Church Latin learners, wherever you might be.

That said, this site is inspired by the Church Latin group which meets at Incarnation Catholic Church in Tampa, Florida, and hopes to share lessons and examples from what occurs there as a part of its effort to encourage more people to take a look at Ecclesiastical Latin.

Comments, questions, thoughts and encouragement are welcome!


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